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Where can I see the film?

Initially we will release THE HEART OF MAN in cinemas across Australia and New Zealand. Check the Tickets page to find details of these events.

What if the film isn’t playing in a cinema near me?

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to get the film to your local cinema. This usually requires a minimum of 100 people to commit to buying tickets to create the opportunity for the film to be available. To find out more contact us

Can I organise for the film to be screened at my church or a local community venue?

Yes indeed! We welcome the opportunity to partner with you and many people just like you around the country. Contact Us to find out more.

When can I buy a DVD or watch the movie online?

Stay up to date with how you can access THE HEART OF MAN movie by subscribing HERE

We will advise you as soon as you can order the DVD or see the film online.

When does the Participant's guide release?

The Participant's Guide will be available soon! Stay Connected to get notified!

How many weeks is the Participant's guide?

The guide is six weeks of deep and immersive content that people back all the layers of the film with a final week seven of hope.

Are there any bulk or volume discounts available?

Yes there are. Contact Us for more info.

Will this be in cinemas again? How can I make sure it will be in my city?

Yes, you can bring the film to your local cinema. To find out more contact us.

How can my church have HEART OF MAN small groups?

Please Contact us for details.

Is the Participant’s guide for individuals or for groups?

The guide is perfect for self-reflection as well as for group discussion. We do believe that community is essential to breaking our shame and walking in freedom, so we strongly encourage each person to go through the materials with another if possible.