Why should I watch The Heart of Man?

From the outset, it’s easy to think The Heart Of Man isn’t a movie for you.

'I’ve never dealt with a porn addiction. I’ve never struggled with my sexuality. My marriage is affair-free. I’m doing ok.'

We hear you. Upon first watching the trailer for The Heart Of Man, it’s easy to think this is a film for ‘someone else’. In fact, some members of our own team even felt that way when they first saw the trailer, too!

But then we were beautifully surprised.

We paused. We watched. And we listened, with open ears. And the beautiful gift that revealed itself differently to each of us was this:

The Heart Of Man is a movie about shame. But not just any movie about shame. It’s a movie about shame that dives right into the core of any form shame could take in order to breed manipulation, unease, doubt, pain, anger, hurt, damage. And it dives in with generous, overwhelming love, bringing God’s father heart to the surface, a heart that says to each and every one of us:

‘I love you. As you are. Right in this moment. And I love you with more extravagance and generosity than you’ll ever be able to comprehend. Come closer to this love. Feel it for yourself.’

After we understood this revelation for ourselves, we realised the powerful truth of this story: this film is, indeed, for everybody.

Because shame is a fickle fiend. It disguises itself in so many different ways, it’s hard for us to keep up. For some people, shame manifests itself as an addiction. Maybe an addiction to money, to power, to food, to sex, to adrenaline, to control. For others, shame manifests itself as isolation. Hiding from those you love, who love you, because deep down, you believe this lie: I’m not worth their love.

Shame walks alongside the mum who’s perfectly on time for school pick-up, every single day. It sits in the heart of the businessman who’s never been more on top of his game at work. It lingers in the unspoken words between couples, when love is at war with something else. It does not differentiate in going after the overachievers or those who’ve never ‘achieved’ a day in their life. Shame grabs on to us whenever and wherever it can, because once it’s got a hold, it can run rampant in sowing doubt about identity in overt and covert ways.

The Heart Of Man breaks shame strongholds open. It invites us into a freedom greater than we’ve ever known, to the banquet God’s been preparing for all of us.

Will you join us?

Danielle Redford

is the sales and acquisitions manager for Heritage Films. She hunts down content from around the globe to bring to Aussie and NZ shores alongside the rest of the Heritage team. Sadly, the job doesn’t involve anywhere near as much popcorn as you’d expect.
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