Why are we releasing The Heart Of Man?
A Note from our CEO

As a company we are always looking out for movie content that we feel aligns with our passion around the potential for story to move hearts and minds and to change our world. This dream began a long time ago. I recall feeling like my world had shifted after watching BRAVEHEART for the first time. Ever since then my heart has yearned to be involved in the FREEDOM call going out far and wide through the movies we bring into Australia and New Zealand. Little did I know that perhaps all of those years of yearning was preparing me … us … for this moment.

I’d love to chat to you about a film that is potentially our most important release ever - THE HEART OF MAN. We’ve been involved in seeking out and screening the best movies we can find from around the globe for the past 14 years and THIS MOVIE HAS IMPACTED MY OWN LIFE more than any other. And for that reason I am so excited to ask you to join us so that you can see the movie before we release it in cinemas later in June and to get behind the film when it releases in cinemas all over the nation.

Have you ever felt like God doesn’t love you, or is maybe ashamed of you? Have you ever felt like your decisions have somehow alienated you from God’s love? And is there a chance that deep down we feel trapped, beating ourselves up over those choices? Maybe you haven’t … but I have and I know plenty of others who have also. And that’s why when I first watched THE HEART OF MAN I felt a release that came with a clear and beautiful invitation to know that I am loved, I am accepted and I am welcome to sit with the Father and feast with Him. This movie deals with deep stuff, stuff that is hard for you and me to chat about openly and yet it does it in the most life-affirming and freeing way that I HAVE EVER witnessed. And all this takes place in a rich cinematic presentation on the screen.

I want to make sure you’re aware of a special invitation for you and the leadership of your church to see the powerful movie presentation THE HEART OF MAN at our complimentary, advanced screenings taking place around the country next week. 

The author of The Shack, Paul Young, tells his very personal and raw story in the film and Paul would like to invite you to see the movie. We’re getting to know Paul as we work towards bringing him and some of there film makers out to Australia in June. He’s such a great guy and has an incredibly servant heart. Like me, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear his story and fascinated to better understand where the book The Shack came from.

I personally believe that THE HEART OF MAN is a gift for the church at this time. The film is really all about shame and the place it has in our lives in regards to where it can take us. And at the same time we see a most incredible Father pursing his son, hacking his way through the jungle to find his son and to bring him out of the cave of shame to a table, a feast where he belongs. This is a doco-drama presentation and it has impacted lives in an incredible way already in different parts of the world.

We have taken a risky step to release the film in cinemas all over the country and we’ve done this because we love to create opportunities in neutral places for stories to be shared and for lives to connect and feel a sense of hope and belonging. THE HEART OF MAN movie tackles deep stuff and yet it leaves you in an amazing place feeling affirmed and loved like never before. Well, that was my experience anyway.

Come and take a look and see if you can make it a priority to attend and to bring some of your key staff with you. Please pass this invitation on to anyone within your networks who you feel should get a chance to see this film and who could influence others around the powerful presentation that it is.

Thank you for your time and for your partnership, we are incredibly grateful for you.

Rod Hopping

founded Heritage Films over 14 years ago as a result of his passionate belief that movies change people, people change the world. He loves bringing stories of hope and freedom to audiences across Australia and NZ.
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